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After a 31-year career in college athletics, Randy Butt traded in the prestige of working as a top administrator at large universities for what he felt was his true calling: helping people replicate the success he had transforming his diet and lifestyle through a program called The Next 56 Days.

The transformation started about 18 months ago when he and his wife enrolled in the program, which was started by Steve Teglas, a Thomasville man who decided to clean up his diet after being diagnosed with a litany of health problems in 2014. The program teaches how to detox the body, balance blood sugar, lessen inflammation and release fat.

Randy and his wife, Debi, along with their daughters, opened Go Coconuts – named in reference to the coconut oil that can be found on the store’s shelves – and designed it to appeal to people on The Next 56 Days program and to cater to popular diets such as Paleo and The Whole 30. The store has special emphasis on gluten free, non-GMO, sugar free and organic products. Store shelves are stocked with products “approved” for the program, and also features an entire cooler of prepared meals from 360 Southern Grill in Lexington.

Go Coconuts now hosts monthly classes, which range in class sizes. Participants are introduced to The Next 56 Days lifestyle throughout the 8-week program. Prices vary according to the individual.

“I had prayed for years to find a way to truly help people, because I felt like I’d reached the point that I wasn’t really doing that,” Butt said. “I didn’t know what that would mean. I was just following God’s lead.”

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